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How NOT to be a journalist –> Jim Acosta really screwed the pooch when he ...     10+ min ago

Is Michael Cohen trying to get a pardon from a Dem president after 2020? – twi...     1+ day, 3+ hour ago

Blood in the water: After Pelosi’s ‘mob’ ‘fiasco’ in Miami, NRCC shift...     1+ day ago

Independent Alaska Gov. Bill Walker drops out of race, endorses Dem Mark Begich ...     1+ day ago

JOURNALISM! John Harwood knows what Trump’s ‘jobs not mobs’ slogan is REAL...     1+ day ago

PLOT TWIST: It looks urine might take down a politician in 2018, but it’s not ...     1+ day ago

Puh-LEEZE! House Dem’s tweet about taxpayer dollars speaks MADDENING volumes ...     1+ day ago

‘Absolutely pathetic’! Amber Athey’s campus speech on due process has stud...     1+ day ago

WHOA: Judicial Watch files complaint against Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers ...     1+ day ago

Finally! Jim Acosta basically just confirmed what we’ve always known about him...     1+ day ago

Dear Diary: Jim Acosta’s reflection has changed since the ‘f**k you’ DM wa...     1+ day ago

OMG STOP! Sen. Feinstein tries distracting from her TRAIN WRECK of a campaign wi...     1+ day ago

Sad! Sarah Sanders weighs in on possible Hillary Clinton 2020 POTUS run, and the...     1+ day ago

‘This is a new low’! Joaquin Castro tries to backpedal after baseless accusa...     1+ day, 22+ hour ago

LMAO! Matt Drudge makes his opinion of another possible Hillary Clinton run VERY...     1+ day ago

Did Beto O’Rourke just accidentally admit that his ‘entire campaign has been...     1+ day ago

‘What the hell???’ Dem Rep. Joaquin Castro makes jaw-dropping claim about Ja...     2+ day ago

Heap big ZING! Nikki Haley’s take on Elizabeth Warren & her DNA test leave...     2+ day, 14+ min ago

Foreign interference? Beto O’Rourke picks up coveted Vicente Fox endorsement ...     2+ day ago

SPIN time! Student at CNN’s town hall asks ‘Beto’ O’Rourke about Trump J...     2+ day ago

Sen. Cory Booker can’t stand that Justin Trudeau and Canada are ‘out-America...     2+ day ago

‘Is he a rapist? What about him?’ Slate makes case for reclaiming ‘man hat...     2+ day ago

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