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Sam Harris Weighs in on Kavanaugh-Ford     3+ week ago

Drag Queen's Show for Fellow Sailors Reveals How Much Navy's Changed Since 'Don'...     1+ mon ago

Drag Queen's Show for Fellow Sailors Shows How Much Navy's Changed Since 'Don't ...     1+ mon ago

Privileged Feminists Called Out For Looking Down on Strippers     2+ mon ago

Privileged Feminists Called Out For Looking Down on Strippers     2+ mon ago

WATCH: Parkland Survivor Sips Tea When Asked About NRA Bleeding Money     2+ mon ago

Study Reveals Women Are Worse at Directions. Professor Blames Patriarchy.     2+ mon ago

Ingraham Says Anti-Immigrant Rant Endorsed by White Nationalists Had 'Nothing to...     2+ mon ago

WATCH: Neo-Nazi Emboldened by Trump Explodes on CNN Reporter     2+ mon ago

WATCH: Kanye West Speechless When Asked If Trump Cares About Black People     2+ mon ago

Ocasio-Cortez Calls Ben Shapiro an ‘Entitled’ Catcaller for Challenging Her ...     2+ mon ago

Trump Promised to Get the US Out of Debt. But He Officially Made It Worse Last Y...     2+ mon ago

WATCH: Vegan Activists Freak Out as Butcher Chases Them With Cuts of Meat     2+ mon ago

Memo Orders Army to Stop Discharging Immigrant Recruits     2+ mon ago

Woman Creates Flow Chart to Explain 'Mansplaining' to Men     2+ mon ago

WATCH: Laura Ingraham Says 'Demographic Changes' are Destroying the America 'We ...     2+ mon ago

WATCH: Ocasio Cortez-Backed Dem Celebrates Michigan Victory Wrapped in Palestini...     2+ mon ago

Twitter Finally Draws the Line: No, Rihanna’s Eyebrows Aren't Cultural Appropr...     2+ mon ago

Republican Sen. Rand Paul ‘Honored’ to Deliver Letter From Trump to Putin     2+ mon ago

Atlanta School Cancels Pledge of Allegiance in Effort to be ‘Fully Inclusive...     2+ mon ago

Teen Airlifted to Hospital After Jumping Out of Moving Car for Internet Dance Ch...     2+ mon ago

‘Factual Feminist’ Explains Why Survey Ranking US as 10th Most Dangerous Cou...     2+ mon ago

Banned From Major Social Networks, Alex Jones Is Now Desperately Posting to Goog...     2+ mon ago

Omarosa Secretly Recorded Trump Inside the White House     2+ mon ago

Liberal Celeb Accuses Jewish Trump Aide of Throwing White Power Sign in White Ho...     2+ mon ago

Liberals Are Furious That the Genderqueer Actress Playing Lesbian Batwoman Isn't...     2+ mon ago

WATCH: Marine Responds to Op-Ed Saying Journalists Should Be 'Thanked for Their ...     2+ mon ago

WATCH: Candace Owens Wants to Educate 'Ignorant' Lebron James About Politics     2+ mon ago

Pence's Columns on 'Presidential Morality' Resurface. They're Damning to Trump.     2+ mon ago

Marine Thrown Out of Corps for Role in White Supremacist March     2+ mon ago

Ocasio-Cortez Rejected: Most Democrats She Endorsed Lost in Tuesday's Elections     2+ mon ago

Ocasio-Cortez Rejected: Almost Every Democrat She Endorsed Lost in Tuesday's Ele...     2+ mon ago

Trump Education Secretary Dodges Taxes by Flying Foreign Flag on Her $40M Yacht     2+ mon ago

NFL to Unveil Male Dancers for the First Time     2+ mon ago

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