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Seven Types of Atheism, by John Gray: Review of a Sprightly New Book     8+ hour, 59+ min ago

Fiona Sampson ‘In Search of Mary Shelley’: New Biography Sheds Light on Geni...     9+ hour, 5+ min ago

Rod Rosenstein Interview: He Defends the Mueller Probe     9+ hour, 9+ min ago

At Eternity’s Gate: Van Gogh Film Partially Succeeds     23+ hour, 43+ min ago

2018 Governors’ Races: How Will They Break?     23+ hour, 45+ min ago

Republican Immigration Reform: Embrace E-Verify     1+ day ago

Supreme Court Judicial Philosophies: Defining Justices’ Proper Role in U.S. Co...     1+ day ago

Gavin McInnes & Proud Boys: Poisonous Allure of Violence     1+ day ago

Elizabeth Warren Owes the Cherokee Nation an Apology     1+ day ago

DNA Doesn’t Define Who We Really Are     1+ day ago

Indiana Senate Race: Republican Mike Braun Could Unseat Democratic Senator Joe D...     2+ day ago

Elect Pro-Life Republican Candidates in the 2018 Midterms     2+ day ago

Republican Trump Voters Are Feeling Less Reluctant These Days     2+ day ago

Transgender Dissenters Form Surprising Alliance     2+ day ago

Centrist Politics Fails Across the West     2+ day ago

Elite White Liberals & Their Double Standards     2+ day ago

Beto O’Rourke Texas Senate Race: Betomania’s Embarrassing Spectacle     2+ day ago

Orthodox Church & Ukraine: Political Clash over Ukraine Shakes Unity     2+ day ago

Trump’s Black Support -- African American Vote Might Turn 2020 Towards Trump     2+ day ago

NBA: 2018–19 Season Preview for Conservatives (and Others)     2+ day ago

Stacey Abrams’s ‘Undocumented Blue Wave’ Gaffe     3+ day ago

Brett Kavanaugh & Supreme Court’s Future: Ideological Majorities Evolve     3+ day ago

Senate Structure: Undemocratic Cries Ring False     3+ day ago

Saudi Arabia, Jamal Khashoggi & Intelligence — U.S. Government in the Dark     3+ day ago

High Housing Costs: Ben Carson Aims for Zoning, Land-Use Reform     3+ day ago

Elizabeth Warren Is a Fraud     3+ day ago

Civil Forfeiture: Mississippi Needs Transparency     3+ day ago

National League — Designated Hitter Would Spell the End of Sacrifice Bunts     3+ day ago

Victor Davis Hanson Leads a Tour Group in Greece for the Historically Inclined     3+ day ago

Andrew Lloyd Webber & Puccini -- If You’re Really Good, It Isn’t Stealin...     3+ day ago

Barcolana Sailing Regatta     3+ day ago

Mitch McConnell Tells Bloomberg Republicans Can't Fix Entitlements     3+ day ago

Bill & Hillary Clinton Are Sabotaging Democrats’ #MeToo Efforts     3+ day ago

Canadian Hospitals Embrace Euthanasia Instead of Quality Palliative Care     3+ day ago

Jeffrey Toobin Affirmative Action Straw Man Argument     3+ day ago

"Butterfly" -- Transgender British TV Drama Is Irresponsible     3+ day ago

Asia Bibi Blasphemy Case: Islamists Vow to Take Law into Their Own Hands     3+ day ago

GOP Campaign Trail Observations     3+ day ago

Jamal Khashoggi Disappearance: Mike Pompeo Will Travel to Turkey     3+ day ago

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