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Stephen Hawking feared genetic engineering would create 'superhumans'     1+ week ago

Chinese hypersonic aircraft creates plumes of light during test flight     1+ week ago

Greece bans obese tourists from riding on donkeys     1+ week ago

Four-day work week to be made permanent after company finds 'no downside'     2+ week ago

Woman, 25, has iPhone headstone erected at burial plot with face as screensaver     3+ week ago

Post Malone 'cursed' after messing with 'most haunted object'     1+ mon ago

Alien-hunting artificial intelligence spots dozens of deep space mystery signals     1+ mon ago

Waitress sues former boss who demanded she wear a bra to work     1+ mon ago

Mayor Sadiq Khan to fly over London in bright yellow bikini     1+ mon ago

Man had such bad constipation his bowels burst causing his organs to shut down     1+ mon ago

Girl, 2, undergoes pioneering surgery in bid to shrink head     1+ mon ago

Google will now filter out negative news and tell you 'something good' instead     1+ mon ago

Should you be eating the fossilised remains of tiny marine animals?     2+ mon ago

Lena Dunham marks 9 month anniversary of her hysterectomy with naked pictures     2+ mon ago

'Dozens dead' after motorway bridge collapses during violent storm in Italy     2+ mon ago

Nasa robot still lost on Mars as dust storm which engulfed the planet settles     2+ mon ago

Instagram bans Tommy Robinson as social media companies purge far right     2+ mon ago

Europe faces hottest day ever as temperatures soar to 48C     2+ mon ago

Donkey owners get violent after being criticised for giving rides to fat people     2+ mon ago

Pandemic ‘could wipe out 900 million people,’ experts warn     2+ mon ago

Greece breeding new type of donkey because of overweight tourists in Santorini     2+ mon ago

Three mummies found in mysterious sarcophagus opened despite curse fears     3+ mon ago

Tattoo addict has penis removed as it interferes with his 'look'     2+ mon ago

Sony Pictures make huge faux pas and release entire film instead of trailer     3+ mon ago

Iran thinks Israel has been stealing its clouds to cause a drought     3+ mon ago

Leonardo DiCaprio shares first look at Once Upon A Time In Hollywood     3+ mon ago

A second Chinese space station has plunged perilously close to Earth     3+ mon ago

Amazon Alexa tells owner 'Every time I close my eyes all I see is people dying'     4+ mon ago

Drug testers at festivals will tell you if that MDMA you bought is really sugar     4+ mon ago

New asteroid gold rush ‘could earn everyone on Earth £75 billion’     4+ mon ago

Man banned for life for bringing blow up doll on flight to Ibiza     4+ mon ago

Bride goes ahead with wedding despite having arm bitten off by crocodile     5+ mon ago

Barber ditches the scissors to style customers' hair with fire     5+ mon ago

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