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Caravan of 3,000 Central Americans crosses into Mexico – GOPUSA     7+ hour, 5+ min ago

Twitter says no plans to ban Farrakhan after comparison of Jews to termites – ...     7+ hour, 5+ min ago

Michael Savage nails it: Antifa-type thugs the ‘brownshirts’ of Democrats ...     7+ hour, 5+ min ago

Nancy Pelosi on the ‘collateral damage’ of Dems’ economic policies: ‘So ...     7+ hour, 11+ min ago

Marsha Blackburn calls out ‘angry mob’ after restaurant that hosted campaign...     1+ day ago

Maxine Waters: Brett Kavanaugh ‘won’t rest easy in his job’ – GOPUSA     1+ day ago

News media joins the Honduran ‘caravan’ – GOPUSA     1+ day ago

Rush Limbaugh’s midterms prediction: GOP keeps House and Senate, and exposes b...     1+ day ago

DARPA turns to psychology to create machines with common sense – GOPUSA     1+ day ago

Chief Justice John Roberts promises to keep Supreme Court free from politics aft...     1+ day ago

Hillary Clinton’s dwindling power – GOPUSA     1+ day ago

Texas Democrats ask noncitizens to register to vote – GOPUSA     1+ day ago

Henry Kissinger called ‘war criminal,’ told to ‘rot in hell’ by proteste...     1+ day ago

Politico editor demonstrates why conservatives don’t trust media – GOPUSA     1+ day ago

Coddling the closed American mind of the IGeneration – GOPUSA     1+ day ago

Washington state’s white working class shrinks in share of population — a na...     1+ day ago

Want to Leak? Former FBI agent sentenced to 4 years in prison for leaking docume...     1+ day ago

Middle school apologizes after student advised to turn GOP elephant shirt inside...     1+ day ago

Leftist Violence Natural Outgrowth of Authoritarian Ideology – GOPUSA     1+ day ago

Mob Rule — Endorsed by CNN, Democrats — Takes Ugly Turn – GOPUSA     2+ day ago

Trump to Mexico: Stop migration ‘onslaught’ or I’ll shut down U.S. border ...     2+ day ago

Susan Rice’s Republican son, drops charges against Mob over Kavanaugh rally as...     2+ day ago

Midterms About Future of American Freedom – GOPUSA     2+ day ago

Mueller said to be nearly ready to present findings on collusion, obstruction ...     2+ day ago

Alumni and faculty demand that St. Lawrence revoke Susan Collins’ honorary deg...     2+ day ago

Did Elizabeth ‘She Who Lies Through Teeth’ just lose 2020? – GOPUSA     2+ day ago

Somali House hopeful calls marriage, fraud claims ‘lies’ – GOPUSA     2+ day ago

Professor calls for harassing Republicans at restaurants, sticking ‘fingers in...     2+ day ago

Turning the So-called ‘Blue Wave’ into a Ripple – GOPUSA     2+ day ago

Just a little pandering? – GOPUSA     2+ day ago

Who rules you? – GOPUSA     2+ day ago

Trump’s appeals court confirmations on pace to shape judiciary – GOPUSA     2+ day ago

Identifying Leftists – GOPUSA     2+ day ago

Believe it or not… Beto and Pocahontas Warren must be my relatives! – GOPUSA     3+ day ago

Bill Maher: Democrats must reject ‘insane’ political correctness if they wan...     3+ day ago

Arkansas drops 4,109 from Medicaid under new work requirements – GOPUSA     3+ day ago

CDC confirms 62 cases of rare, polio-like neurological condition – GOPUSA     3+ day ago

The Electoral College Debate – GOPUSA     3+ day ago

Democrats force leader to resign over, ‘I stand for the flag. I kneel at the c...     3+ day ago

Deep state conservatives – GOPUSA     3+ day ago

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